Ceiling Tiles Evolution


Finally a product whose parameters you control.

Ceiling Tiles


Our new product design line is the suspended ceiling tile, which comes to meet the demand of the Designer and Architect wishing to create an inspiring decorative ceiling design product.

All Alutak tiles are cut on request according to the dimensions you choose from an extensive selection.

We have the most popular colors available and can produce any requested color with a minimum purchase.


It’s President, Daniel Faucher, has been working in the industry for more than 10 years and is particularly interested in high-level decorative design products.

Mission Statement

Alutak Ceiling Tiles is a Fort-Lauderdale based Decorative Design Company whose mission is to develop and offer innovative ceiling design and production.

Contemporary Suspended Ceiling Tiles Inspired by Modern Design & Architecture

Innovative, modern, eye-catching. Whichever way you describe it, you’ll see that Alutak suspended ceiling tiles offers you a fresh alternative to the traditional, banal white fiber suspended ceiling tile. A panoply of color and dimension combined with a variety of finishes create an exclusive, catchy, and easy-to-execute ceiling design.

Using cutting-edge styles, the Alutak hanging ceiling tiles is a Class-A fire rated panel composed of two thin panels of aluminum laminated to either side of a mineral-filled thermoplastic core.  The color is made by applying a layer of high performance polyethylene coating, making your easy-care Alutak tile fire rated Class-A.

Unlike other tiles made of mineral fiber, the accurately balanced Alutak overhanging ceiling tile won’t change when exposed to high humidity levels, its weight will remain constant, and it’ll remain regular. Additionaly, if the Alutak tile is stained due to water damage it’s easy to clean.

Double Side Gloss/Satin Tiles









Brushed Finish Tiles

Mirror Finish Tiles





Ceiling Tile Size Options:

The use of Alutak ceiling tiles optimizes the grid with t-bar. A proven, advance system, you choose from different size tiles.

  • Standard:  2′ x 2′
  • Standard:  2′ x 4′
  • Alternative:  2′ x 6′
  • Alternative:  2′ x 8′
  • Wide:  4′ x 4′
  • Custom Cut

Create your own exclusive layout by mixing different Alutak size and color.

You should note that the 12-foot t-bars are pre-perforated every six inches, and the four-foot t-bars are pre-perforated every 12 inches. This allows your Alutak installer to mount the grid with different design without creating difficulties.

Premium White Tiles Start As Low As $2.95 Sq/ft

Delivery and Installation

Your Alutak tile will be delivered to you on a pallet to prevent breakage during transport. Each tile is covered with an easy-to-remove protective film that shields your new ceiling from dust during construction. Handling and insertion may be done with a suction cup, making handling easy.

Your new Alutak suspended ceiling tiles is easy to install by any construction professional, including a handyman.

There are different ways to cut the Alutak hanging ceiling tile to adapt it to the size of the side cuts. Whether your installer is using a blade knife, a table saw, or a jigsaw, cutting and sizing is simple. Similarly, for the installation of elements, such as fire sprinklers, recessed lights, and loudspeakers, a hole saw can be used for all these types of cuts.

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